Japanese Restaurant
2371 Haverford Road
Ardmore, PA 19003

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Lunch Menu
Mon. - Sat. 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Choice of Udon or Soba
L8. Vegetable Udon or Soba     7
L9. Tofu Udon or Soba     7
L10. Chicken Udon or Soba     9
L11. Gyoza Udon or Soba     8
L12. Shrimp Tempura Udon or Soba     10
L13. Nabeyaki Udon or Soba     11
Cooked w. shrimp, chicken, egg & assorted vegetable


Served w. Miso Soup

L1. Sushi Lunch   10
6 pcs. sushi & 6 pcs. california roll
L2. Salmon Lunch   10
6 pcs. salmon sushi & 6 pcs. salmon roll
L3. Tuna Lunch   12
6 pcs. tuna sushi & 6 pcs. tuna roll
L4. Maki Combo Lunch   9
Alaskan California & tuna roll
L5. Sushi and Sashimi Combo   14
4 pcs. assorted sushi & 6 pcs. sashimi w. california roll
L6. Lover Sushi Box   15
6 pcs. tuna roll, 3 pcs. sushi, 6 pcs. sashimi

Served w. Soup, California Roll, Salad & Shumai

LA. Chicken Teriyaki   11
LB. Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura   11
LC. Beef Teriyaki   12
LD. Salmon Teriyaki  11
LE. Tofu Teriyaki    10
LF. Chicken Katsu    11

BENTO BOX #2     
Served w. soup, House Salad or rice, Spring Egg Roll or Shumai

LG. Tuna Box, Spicy Tuna Roll, 2 pcs. Tuna Sushi     11
LH. Salmon Box, Spicy Salmon Roll, 2 pcs. Salmon Sushi     11
LI. Unagi Box, Eel Roll, 2 pcs. Eel Sushi     11
LJ. California Box, California Roll, 2 pcs. Kani Sushi     11
LK. Vegetarian Box, Vegetarian Roll, 2 pcs. Inari Sushi    11
LL. Hamachi Box, Spicy Yellowtail Roll, 2 pcs. Yellowtail Sushi 11
LM. Shrimp Box, Shrimp Avocado Roll, 2 pcs. Shrimp Sushi   11
LN. Sushi Box, 8 pcs. Sushi, Chef Choice    15
LO. Sashimi Box, 10 pcs. Sashimi Chef Choice    15


LP. Tekka Don     13
Tuna Sashimi over a bed of Sushi Rice
LQ. Sake Don     13
Salmon Sushi over a bed of Sushi Rice
LR. Chirashi    14
Assorted Sashimi over a bed of Sushi Rice

Choose Any Two  8 or Choose Any Three 12

California Roll
Cucumber Roll
Spicy Salmon Roll
Tuna Roll
Osinko Roll
Eel Avocado Roll
Yellowtail Roll
Eel Cucumber Roll
New York Roll
Shrimp Avocado Roll
Avocado Roll
Vegetable Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll
Salmon Roll
Salmon Skin Roll
Tempura Roll
Salmon Avocado Roll
Tuna Avocado Roll
Alaskan Roll
Philly Roll