Japanese Restaurant
2371 Haverford Road
Ardmore, PA 19003

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Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve Menu

Pre-set 4-course meal for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve (December 24th and 31st, 2010)
$26.00 per person
 Includes glass of house wine or 12 oz. bottled beer (limit one serving per person)
Corona, Heineken, Sapporo, Kirin, Budweiser, or Coor's Light
 21 years and older
For those under 21, glass of soda or juice

(Regular menu also available those nights)



Wonton, Miso or Vegetable Bean Curd Soup



House Salad  Shu Mai  
Seaweed Salad  Gyoza
Cold Noodle  Shrimp & Veg. Tempura 


Hibachi Combo
Lobster and Steak with seasonal vegetable in chef's special sauce.

Sliced filet flounder sauteed with sweet peas, celery, carrots and x o sauce.

Chicken Hibachi
Chicken with mixed fresh vegetables in chef's special Brown sauce.

Creaky Chicken
Deep fried chicken with chef's spicy sauce.

Ichiban Three Flavor
Jumbo shrimp, chicken, scallops with fresh seasonal vegetable in chef's special sauce.

Fire Cracker Roll (8 pcs)
Scallop Tempura, Avocado inside topped with spicy lump crab meat, fried potato and finish with Red Tobiko and Wasabi Tobiko

American Roll (8 pcs)
Shrimp Tempura, Avocado topped with lobster salad

Wasabi Heaven Roll (8 pcs)
Shrimp Tempura, Spciy Tuna inside topped with Avocado, Lobster Salad, Wasabi Tobiko and Crunchy

Crazy Tuna Roll (8 pcs)
White Tuna with Crunch, Tuna and Avocado, topped with Spicy Tuna

James Bond Roll (8 pcs)
White Tuna, Eel, Avocado, Wasabi Tobiko topped with Spicy Scallop, Tobiko, Scallion covered lightly torched White Tuna

Crunchy Scallop Roll (8 pcs)
Scallop Tempura, Avocado inside, topped with Spicy Tuna and Crunchy



Cheese Cake or Chocolate Cake